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Perfection in their workmanship, the paving is done impeccably and the team is affable and professional. Highly recommend them for any paving task! Their work left me absolutely thrilled!

  • Sarah G.

Our decision to have Gardeners Richmond Upon Thames back for extra paving was based on the fantastic results they delivered previously and the high level of satisfaction we experienced as a result. We cannot recommend them enough.

  • Jaime L.

The quality of work done by these experts far exceeded our expectations; we couldn't be happier with the results.

  • Jeff.

We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that went into completing this project flawlessly.

  • Catherine

They provided top-notch services that surpassed our expectations, delivered within the given timeline with minimal disruption.

  • Henry L.

It's been great watching my garden transformed, Gardeners Richmond Upon Thames really did me justice!

  • James Walker

Remarkable outcome and I appreciate what Richmond Upon Thames Garden Designers has done for me. They got through everything fast without any issues arising. Highly acclaimed gardening company!

  • L. Marco

Kind, pleasant, and eager to assist gardeners. We're delighted we found this company for hedge trimming!

  • Gordon

Such a lovely gardening team who made my small garden into the sanctuary I've always wanted. I will be using Gardeners Richmond Upon Thames again for sure.

  • Mary Bennett

These guys have lawn care down to a fine art. The gardeners are highly skilled although you couldn't tell from their low prices. This lawn care service is the best you can hire.

  • Nolan K.

Happy to use this lawn care service again because it was top notch.

  • David M.

My garden was an overgrown mess after winter but their gardeners soon rectified the situation. Lanscapers Richmond Upon Thames arrived on time and got to work right away, turning around the messy state of my garden with relative ease and professionalism.

  • Shelly M.

I did not have the time to do all of the lawn care that my property needed. Garden Maintenance Company Richmond Upon Thames took care of my lawn exactly the way I wanted.

  • Timothy R.

Richmond Upon Thames Garden Designers are the most reliable and hard-working gardening team I've ever met. I've dealt with a few over the years, but this gardening company is head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Cara T.

Absolutely thrilled with my new garden design; Gardeners Richmond Upon Thames did a fantastic job of helping me decide what to go for and what would suit my garden best, and they did an even better job bringing it all together. It took much less time than I expected, and the results are outstanding.

  • Rachel Welsh

We were doing a garden wedding and hired Gardeners Richmond Upon Thames to do a bit of landscaping ahead of time for us. They did so good! Were very affordable and beautiful work!

  • Jocelyn H.

My garden just looks so perfect now! Garden design done by the experts at GardenersRichmondUponThames made my garden look so beautiful!

  • Amber L.

The team I hired for garden maintenance were fast, efficient and just a pleasure to deal with. They accomplished so much in such a short span of time - great going by Lawn Care Services Richmond Upon Thames.

  • Stephanie P.

The garden clearance teams at Lanscapers Richmond Upon Thames did a wonderful job with my garden. They got rid of every bit of waste and were incredibly thorough. It was really impressive to have the work done so quickly, and the price was perfect for my limited budget. I would definitely hire them again and have recommended them to everyone I know!

  • Emma

Richmond Upon Thames Garden Designers offer very reliable gardening services in this area and are a company I highly recommend to everyone. They were recommended by a neighbour and now most of our street has hired their services! A pleasure to deal with.

  • Caroline Lowe

I don't really have time to spend on gardening, but that doesn't mean I don't want a beautiful garden! Lanscapers Richmond Upon Thames have helped me to get the garden I've always wanted, without me having to spend hours of work on it. I love having this service and I find the company is always professional and always friendly. A really good service that I would recommend!

  • Alicia T.

I called Gardeners Richmond Upon Thames a few months ago when my garden was in a real mess and I'm so glad I did because their gardeners came to the rescue in a way that I couldn't have imagined. The job at hand seemed very big, but when the team arrived, they got to work immediately, cleaning up my garden space with a minimum amount of fuss but a high level of skill and care. Amazing work!

  • K. Jones

I'm not really a gardening person but I at least want my garden to look good. To achieve this I leave the work to Richmond Upon Thames Garden Designers. I don't have to do anything but leave the job to them. They do everything for me, especially hedge trimming, so I can have the perfect garden without any knowledge, ability or effort.

  • Ilsa H.

I would like to say a huge thanks to the team from GardenersRichmondUponThames that helped me last week with my patio cleaning woes. I was so worried about cleaning the paint off of my patio slabs because nothing I tried seemed to work much but this team were fantastic and the results are amazing! Thank you so much!

  • Kirk Murray

GardenersRichmondUponThames recently landscaped my outside area and did a wonderful job. The landscaping service was at a good cost and one I would certainly recommend to others interested in revamping their garden. The work involved removing the lawn and replacing it with decorative paving stones which saved me the effort of weekly grass cutting chores! There was special fabric placed underneath to prevent weeds growing in between the stones. I can't tell you how amazing the garden looks!

  • Nicole Flores

Based on my experiences with them, I have no problems recommending Garden Maintenance Company Richmond Upon Thames and their services to those in need of a quality gardening service. A bunch of caring, friendly, trustworthy and professional individuals, they stunned me with their attitude and skills and the great job they did in my garden. I wish them well in their endeavours and they'll definitely be getting some more business from me in the future.

  • Megan Hunn

Lawn Care Services Richmond Upon Thames have provided expert hedge trimming services for me. Their support has made it easy for me to have the hedges I want. I call them up every few weeks and request they come to my address. Expert gardening staff arrive promptly and get my hedges to an acceptable level. My hedges, and the rest of my garden, always look good thanks to them and so I will continue to hire them.

  • Mary O'Brian

I love gardening but have limited knowledge of it. Hence, when I decided to transform my tiny garden into a more spacious one, I wanted an experienced hand to help me. Garden Maintenance Company Richmond Upon Thames agreed to the challenge and now I am a proud owner of a beautiful garden. I absolutely love the way the space was used, a wise and splendid way of making it look more spacious. Planning and landscape designing was done meticulously. They even offered me advice on how to maintain the garden once the team leaves. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on gardening with me.

  • Melissa Roberts

I thank my lucky stars that I found GardenersRichmondUponThames when did. My front and back garden was overgrown and looking like something out of a jungle, not the garden space of a house in a major city. I needed absolutely everything taken care of, from lawn mowing to patio cleaning. When their team arrived, the mess didn't faze them at all and they didn't stop until both of my gardens were in pristine condition. They even removed all the garden waste which saved me taking care of another job. Their company was definitely a great find!

  • Stella T.

I wanted to make more of my small front garden and introduce colour into it. I didn't want to have to sit through gardening programmes on TV to do it myself and so I hired Richmond Upon Thames Garden Designers to sort out my planting for me. They brought my entire front garden to life with mature blooms everywhere so that I didn't even have to wait to see the results. I highly recommend them for all their gardening services.

  • Paul T.

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